TaiKai 2010

We are proud to have presented the first women's TaiKai, a first in the history of Bujinkan. It was held September 17-19 in Hannover, Germany. There were 235 participants and 14 instructors all from 27 countries around the world! Great effort was made by many to travel a long distance for this event. Countries represented were: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. The friendships made, connections discovered, information shared, skills learned, made this event a huge success. The general atmosphere was one of fun, warmth, care, respect and above all, a commonality we all share as women training in a predominately male art.

Here is a quote from one of the female instructors, which really says it all. "Many women do not know they 'need' an event such as this until they attend one. Every culture has times for women to train and work together, and for men to train and work together. After all, this is how most traditions pass down skills that are particular to each gender." In this case, "many women were hungry for technical and other training wisdoms ['tricks of the trade'] offered by senior women practitioners."

The good feelings that are being carried on naturally lead to questions, such as, when will the photos and DVD be available. We have a tentative plan of having both available by mid December. To do these things well, with the amount of information we have, takes time. Patience please. In the meantime, feel free to comment in the forum, and to post links to your own personal pictures.

Little by little we continue to update the website as new information and changes become available, and as our time allows.

And last, but most important, this event could not have taken place without the amazing volunteers we had in all manner of capacities, from beginning to end. Shortly we will have an acknowledgment page, so everyone will be able to know who worked quietly behind the scenes to help this event be the success it was.

Thank you to the talented, open, loving hearted instructors, who gave so much of themselves and their time, and thank you to all the participants for making a huge effort to be there, and the commitment you made to your training and your life!

Until next time...as Soke always says...keep going...gambatte!!

What is Bujinkan?

What is a Kunoichi?

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Wisdom Saying

Forget your sadness, anger, grudges and hatred. Let them pass like smoke caught in a breeze. You should not deviate from the path of righteousness; you should lead a life worthy of a man [woman]. Don't be possessed by greed, luxury, or your ego. You should accept sorrows, sadness and hatred as they are, and consider them a chance for trial given to you by the powers... a blessing given by nature. Have both your mind and your time fully engaged in budo, and have your mind deeply set on bujutsu.

- Adapted from Tetsuzan