For the Men

Men are welcome at Kunoichi TaiKai 2016. We would love to have men support the training of women, and share in the opportunity to learn from the amazing instructors who are teaching. You are absolutely welcome, and we assume that you already appreciate that the event is designed to support women as martial artists and will participate in that goal. Women generally find less than supportive environments in most dojos around the world, so at the Kunoichi TaiKais, we strive to create an environment supportive to women developing their martial arts skills. Thank you for supporting us.

The following guidelines do apply:
1. If you are attending as a couple, please make sure you both request each other as roommates. Default is 2 queen beds, but we can upgrade you to a king bed on request.
2. If you are an instructor, we would love to have you attend, and if you're a jugodan, please reach out to for more information.
3. If anyone (male or female) reports anyone (male or female) as behaving inappropriately, that person may be asked to leave.
4. Do what is being taught, not what you think should be taught.
5. If you want to expose your girlfriend or wife to the Bujinkan, this may not be the right event. While beginners are welcome, attendees should already be students of a dojo or at least considering joining.
6. Feel free to volunteer to uke for your favorite kunoichi instructors.
7. If you'd like to find other ways to support the event, feel free to volunteer, donate, or sponsor a woman in your dojo.
8. Have fun, and see you there!

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